Dimora di Charme Ascoli Piceno Il Giardino Segreto


"Della Torre" Room

The "Della Torre" room is separate from the main house, and as the name suggests it is located at the top of an ancient tower accessible via a path through the inner garden.


"Delle Rose" Room

The "Delle Rose" is on the first floor of the Villa. This room is elegant, romantic and enjoys views from the windows of the city landscape with its historic towers.


"Giacinti and Tulipani" Room

The "Giacinti and Tulipani" room is the perfect solution for small groups and families. It consists of two double rooms and one bathroom. Each room is provided with its own private key.


"Delle Peonie" Room

The "Delle Peonie" room is a cozy and romantic room with a private art nouveau style bathroom close by.